Avachinsky volcano

  • ROUTE TYPE: On volcanoes
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 6500 RUB.

This volcano is one of the most visited in Kamchatka, and not only tourists but also locals. This is primarily due to its transport accessibility. The road to the Avachinsky pass is laid in the bed of the ” dry ” river. On the sides we will be surrounded by steep slopes, thickets of cedar and a lot of stones. The locals love to stop on the road and put various figures of them, a kind of “abstract Kamchatka”.


When you look at the Avacha volcano, it seems that it has ideal proportions, but still the cone is slightly asymmetrical, but nevertheless has the correct smooth shape. The height of 2741 meters, the path of ascent at its beginning is a mountainous area, then the stones and the ground under your feet are replaced by slag. The last 100 meters is a cable car, it is the most difficult part of the way, but 100 meters are little things, compared to the beauty that awaits you. The top of the Avacha volcano is crowned by a crater, which has multiple fumarole outputs. The last time the volcano erupted in 1991, after that the crater will be filled with “lava plug”, now Avachinsky volcano has died down and is limited to only a small fumarole activity on top. The route is laid in such a way that the descent and ascent are along different paths. The ascent to the Avacha volcano is not difficult, but requires little physical training, endurance and care. On the way to the top, we will make a few stops to rest, so to conquer this top will be under the power of everyone, the main tenacity and confidence in their abilities!

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Group meeting. Departure to the foot of the Avacha volcano.


Climbing the Avacha volcano. On average, the ascent lasts 4-6 hours. At the top we examine the crater, admire the surrounding beauty, eat sandwiches and drink tea.


Return to the base camp. After the descent we make up strength, – eat, drink tea and go home.


Check out the city.

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