Ethno-complex “Кajnyran “

  • ROUTE TYPE: Trekking
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 5000 RUB.

Ethno-cultural complex “Кajnyran “, built in accordance with the way of life of the indigenous people of Kamchatka attracts with its comfort and warmth. On site You will have a concert with local natives, playing on the Jews harp, folk song and scenes from the life of hunters. After the concert, the natives invited to the yaranga is a traditional dwelling of the nomadic peoples of the North. Nestled amongst animal skins, you will enjoy a nice Cup of tea under fascinating stories. In the summer you can ride on horseback, in winter, feeling like a real musher to take control of dog sledding and enjoy the surrounding open spaces on a trip! Excursion to “Кajnyran ” will remain in your memory as a place of unusual and attractive.

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Departure of the group to the ethnic village.


Start of the show program. Performance of the national Kamchatka ensemble, hot lunch in the Yurt.


Moving to the health complex “Zelenovsk lakes”, the adoption of radon baths. (entrance ticket is included in the price of the tour)


Check out the city.

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