mountain range “Vachkazhec”

  • ROUTE TYPE: On volcanoes Trekking
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 6500 RUB.

One of the natural monuments to which you should pay attention to is the mountain range “Vachkazhec”. The relatively close location to the city, about 80 km, makes it popular to visit. People come here to see the magnificent mountain ranges with their own eyes, as well as the variety of colors and colors that form the local flora. In the autumn period, its beauty reaches the “peak”, shimmering with all sorts of shades from yellow to bright red.

In the heart of the mountain massif is a magnificent quiet lake called “Tahlokoch'”. Here we set up a “base camp”and go to explore the surrounding beauty. Nearby is a beautiful waterfall, which forms the flowing rivers in these places of the same name. After a little higher we find ourselves in a place called “mountain circus”, the name of this area was due to the high stone wallpravilnoy rounded shape, which many years ago formed a glacier, the beauty of this place will not leave indifferent any tourist. The route is not difficult, it sets a calm and relaxing mood and will help you to relax after intensive excursions to active volcanoes.

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Meeting the group at the gathering place. Drive to 70 km of road Milkovo, further along the road we reach the lake “Tahlokoch'”.


On arrival to the lake a light snack and go Hiking. After the walk, tourists will be given lunch.


Moving to radon baths “Zelenovskie Ozerki”.


Return to town.

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