Kuril lake

  • ROUTE TYPE: Helicopter excursions
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 36000 RUB.

Kamchatka is considered the most bearish place in Russia. And Kuril lake, in turn, — the MOST BEARISH PLACE of KAMCHATKA!!! The fact that here come to spawn, the salmon herds, which tightened the number of bears.

At the end of the summer in the lake basin is going to more than 200 brown bears; they are gullible, because they are under the protection of the South Kamchatka sanctuary. Here you can observe the life of these amazing animals from a distance of only several meters.

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Departure from the airport. At Your service — a modern airport complex, which includes a comfortable waiting room, cafeteria and gift shop.

Walking tour of the Kuril lake. Observation of bears and salmon on the Kuril lake. Going to the fish trap. Lunch. Duration of the tour-1 hour 30 minutes. Tourists are provided with lunch-hot meals, tea, juice.

Walking tour in the Caldera of Ksudach volcano. Walking tour of the lake Key, inspection of the hot beach. Duration-15 minutes. Ksudach is declared a natural Monument of landscape-geological character. The eruption that destroyed the cone of the volcano occurred in 1907. The ash from this eruption can be traced more than 200 km to the North.

Bathing in hot springs. Landing at the foot of Khodutka volcano. Swimming in a unique hot river, the water temperature in which reaches 40°. The Khodutka springs are considered therapeutic, they contain large amounts of silicic acid.

Return to the airport. Travel time-40 minutes.

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