mini Valley of Geysers (hot springs)

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Hot springs, often referred to as “small Valley of geysers”, a title they rightfully earned. Springs are a complex of active fumarolic fields located in the Mutnovsky volcano area, between the Rocky mountains and the Bactrian. While this fumarole field was discovered 4 groups of sources. Currently, to see intact only a group of 4, and the rest were under exploration activities and were lost in the construction of “Mutnovsky GEOPP”. Going to the sources starts from “the Mutnovsky geothermal station.” The journey time from the station to Country sources takes about 40 minutes. Along the way You will be surrounded by beautiful views, unmissable not taking some photos. Reaching the goal we will take a walk along the fumarole field, and those who wish can swim in one of the thermal springs, equipped under the bath.

Next, we will make the move to the hot hill. On its slope is the top-Paratunskie hot springs. From the name it is clear that to get to them will have climbing up the hill about 70 meters. When you get to the place you are waiting for natural baths with a temperature of about 40 degrees. The bath is located in a comfortable place, around the wind it is closed by a” wall ” of rock. The water in the bath is flowing, the source itself beats out of the ground. Water chloride-sulfate calcium-sodium moderately siliceous (up to 45 mg/l) and arsenic content of about 0.3 mg/l. It has a relaxing and healing properties on the body — the most necessary after a long journey and a hike to recuperate.

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Meeting the group at the gathering place. Leaving the Country side hot springs.


We reach the “Mutnovskaya GEOES” and go on foot (about 40 minutes) to the springs. After walking up, we go back to the car, have lunch, relax.


Moving to the waterfall p. Quiet. Walking (about 20 minutes).


Moving to the Verkhne-paratunskiye thermal springs.


Return to town.

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