natural Park ” Nalychevo”

  • ROUTE TYPE: Trekking
  • DURATION: Multi-day tours
  • PRICE: 24900 RUB.

natural Park ” Nalychevo”

One of the most exciting excursions is a multi-day tour to the valley of the river Nalychevo. Here, in 1995, the natural Park “Nalychevo”was created. The territory of this Park is very extensive and is 285 970 hectares. Arriving at the Parking lot for vehicles to the main base called cordon “Central”, you need to walk. There are several different architecture and capacity of wooden houses for the night, gazebos, as well as The center of environmental education. V. Semenov and 3 small baths with hot water, which comes from the Griffin “Ivanov”.

Gryphon “Ivanov” -a former geological exploration well, where previously mined boron. The water temperature here reaches 75 degrees, so from the Griffin cut through ditches for water flow through the entire cordon and further into the river, as the water with such a high temperature adversely affects the surrounding vegetation. From the base of the trail to travertine platform called “Boiler”. It is a vast area resembling a “shield” lying on the ground. This relief was formed by long-term mineral deposits of springs. You can move through this area only on the laid wooden flooring, this is done for the safety of visitors to the Park, and to preserve this unique natural phenomenon. Not far from the base on the Bank of the Hot river there are 3 pools for swimming with equipped locker rooms, the composition of the water in these sources has a healing effect on the body, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Walking on the territory of the cordon “Central” is very relaxing, walking here is especially nice barefoot, around the natural purity and gentle ground under your feet. Due to the fact that the valley is surrounded by a wall of volcanoes, the climate here is warmer, especially in summer. On the territory of the base built an observation tower from where you can see the surrounding area. Bears are here, a common phenomenon, so in 99.9% of cases You have a chance to observe them in their natural environment. We invite you to spend a few days in such a pleasant and interesting place — it’s really just a miracle of nature!


1 day

The exit of the city in the car of the raised passableness in Nalychevo nature Park. The journey takes about 6 hours. On the way there will be stops for a snack. After arriving at the cordon “Central”, accommodation in houses. Bathing in hot natural baths. Supper.

2 day

Inspect the neighborhood of cordon, an excursion to the Travertine shield and Gryphon “Ivanov”. Bathing. 3 meals a day.

3 day

Breakfast. If you wish, you can swim in the hot springs. Departure back.

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