Gorely volcano

  • ROUTE TYPE: On volcanoes
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 7000 RUB.

Gorely volcano is khrebtovaya mountain massif with a height of 1829 meters. Clear single cone of this volcano does not have, and are 11 craters on the top. In clear weather from the top you can see the surrounding Gorely volcanoes — Mutnovsky, Zhirovskie, Vilyuchinsky, Asacha, Opala, you can also see the Pacific ocean. The surrounding views are simply stunning, but he burnt prepared travelers great acidic lake, which is filled with several craters, complex fumarolic fields located in the Active crater. The Western crater is a huge glacier, which gives rise to a stream in these parts.

The modern period of rest has lasted for 16 years, the historical harsh occur with a period of 19 years. At the end of the last station were recorded only the slab to see. The last time the relay was active in the summer of 2010, then prove it to Colby soil, PLA brothers and deny the level of a friend. The tour to the volcano national Assembly of the Relay, but at the same time amazingly interesting to visit it is committed to every tourist, arriving to Kamchatka.

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Departure in the direction of Gorely volcano.


Beginning of ascent. The ascent takes about 3 hours. The trail goes along the slope of the volcano, closer to the top goes to the volcanic ridge. On top of activities, inspection of the craters. The length of the climb is 6 km and the Descent takes about 2 hours.


Return to the site of the Parking lot. Rest, eat, drink tea with sweets.


Check out the city.

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