“The road through the dead forest”

  • ROUTE TYPE: Horse tours
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 3500 RUB.

The route passes through a forest called “dead”, then the travelers are in a relict forest of fragrant poplars and coseni, which more than one hundred years! If you’re lucky, topolnicki time for flowering elderberry and wild cherry. After passing through the canal Ice and Explosive, travelers will be located on the Bank of the river Avacha for lunch and rest. Then exit back through the already much-loved Tree of Wishes. Often on this route are meeting with a sable or squirrel. We recommend to visit this route in the period of flowering cherry and elderberry (late may — June). Real Kamchatka blooming forest with variety of birds will surprise you! From mid-June to late August in the Bayou it is possible to see shoals of spawning salmon.

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Время проведения экскурсии 11.00 и 15.00. Продолжительность 3 часа. Категория: для новичков. На маршруте предоставляется обед (индивидуальные ланч-боксы с одним блюдом и овощной нарезкой, горячий чай со сладким).

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