Avachinsky pass. Camel.

  • ROUTE TYPE: Trekking
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 10000 RUB.

Avachinsky mountain pass is a confluence of two Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes. Here it seems that this giant as Koryaksky volcano that’s out of reach, but the height of the volcano is 3456 meters (!!!), and the surface to climb is a rugged wind and snow is not welcome glaciers.

Our route will be by extrusion “Camel”. Extrusion – geological body formed as a result of the squeezing of viscous lava in the near surface environment. The height above sea level is 1200 meters, the relative height of about 200 meters.On top of the mountain you can see a variety of vegetation. From the top there opens a magnificent panoramic view of the volcanoes, Avacha Bay and the Nalychevo Valley.

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Выезд к Авачинскому перевалу. Дорога проходит по руслу “Сухой” речки.


Стоянка в базовом лагере. Начало восхождения на «Верблюд». Время в пути около 30 минут.


Возвращение к месту стоянки. Обед. Отдых.


Выезд в город.

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