Bukhta Russkaya

  • ROUTE TYPE: Sea excursions
  • DURATION: Day Tours
  • PRICE: 14000 RUB.

If You want to spend an unforgettable day — go on a boat trip in the Bay is Russian. This is a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with the marine life of the Pacific ocean, but also excellent fishing. The walk starts early in the morning, and by noon we are coming to the Cape Kekurny – it is a wild rookery of sea lions. We are transferring from the boat to the boat with the motor and quietly so as not to disturb the animals that come to the rookery almost came. Huge sea lions basking in the sun and You can admire them in their natural environment. Throughout the walk, You will observe a huge number of birds, peculiar rocks and beautiful coves and enjoy the grandeur and vastness of the Pacific ocean.

Tour duration: 12 hours.

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(Русский) 07-30

Встреча группы на морском вокзале. Посадка на катер, выход в море.

(Русский) 09-00

осмотр скал Три брата, выход в Тихий океан

(Русский) 11-00

осмотр острова- заповедника Старичков, птичьих базаров, возможна небольшая остановка для рыбалки.

(Русский) 13-00

переход к мысу Опасный, рыбалка. Поиск косаток и китов.

(Русский) 14-00

переход к мысу Кекурный, на нем расположено дикое лежбище сивучей, осмотр лежбища. Рыбалка.

(Русский) 16-00

Отправление в обратный путь, заход в бухту Тихая.

(Русский) 18-00

возвращение на пирс

Travel company “Small Kamchatka”

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